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Top Chef Chicago: And So It Begins

The obsession starts earlier and earlier each season, doesn't it? It's only a week since the Top Chef season four cheftestants were announced, and we already have some front runner and villain speculation and one random rumor about the winner (which, if this season was filmed like last, wouldn't be known because of the live reveal). The good gossip surrounds NY and SF chefs because they're the most prominent on the roster, but one Eater commenter had something to say about the lone LA cheftestant: "Antonia is a super sweet person and will be a tough competitor. I had an opportunity of working with her at Spago last year working the parties." We know that Antonia will open SBE's Foxtail soon, but that's it. Will she be the sleeper, like Casey, or will she be gone in the first week? Let's have some fun: Antonia projections---and stories if you've worked with/know her---in Comments, please.
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