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Dumpling Mania: Everybody Din Tai Fung Tonight

All of a sudden the dumpling house Din Tai Fung---the new one, just around the corner from the original one---is everywhere. The Hounds were all over it (this link has been removed), la.foodblogging recently paid a visit, as did Jonathan Gold, and now we have an LX.TV sit-down with the general manager. All in one week. The video offers a lovely look around the restaurant and in the kitchen, especially for those who've never been or would never think of venturing out to Arcadia for a meal. But this is the least trendy restaurant LX.TV has ever highlighted, which begs the question: Paid advertisement or editorial? Eh, either way, soon Din Tai Fung II will be as busy as Din Tai Fung I, which means they'll open a Din Tai Fung III a few doors away for the overflow.
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