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Shutter Report: The Backdoor Bakery Closes Its Doors

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Love it or hate it, Silverlake Boulevard's Backdoor Bakery will close this month. According to those legal documents found hanging on the door, it looks like the bakery has to vacate by January 14, so the last day will be Sunday, January 13. Turns out there was an ugly dispute with the landlord. The owners' MySpace page lays it all out:

"I wish I could say we are leaving happily, but the snarky fact is that our landlady, Myrna Marin, owner of Modem Salon, kicked us out with only thirty days notice in December. I guess this was her Christmas present to us and our staff. Well, at least that's how we're taking it."
The Backdoor might not be the best bakery in town, but it's a neighborhood mainstay. Even we have a fond memory of stopping there while hunting for our first LA apartment. Of course, all fond memories will be wiped clear once LA Mill opens a half block away. The owners say they're finalizing arrangements for a new location.

Continued from the Backdoor MySpace page: "We've far outgrown our current space and now we get to do business in a bigger location. As we finalize those arrangements we will post new info. I wish I could say how long that will take, but over the years I have learned that nothing happens as quickly or as slowly as we need it.

What we do know is that our staff will stay with us until this last day and will follow us to our new location and we hope our beloved customers will do the same. We have had a rare privilege in getting to know and serve all of our wonderful neighbors over the years. We hope to be able to do this for another twenty years. At least."
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