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Dolce Group's Lonnie Moore Meets His Match

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Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker show is kind of hard to watch---these men, oy---but it's based in LA so at least it's entertaining for the local restaurant/nightclub TV-watching guessing game. For instance, in the premiere episode, matchmaker Patti had her clients meet prospective dates at Yamashiro, and another met for lunch in Burbank (we think we saw the Bob's Big Boy across the street). But next week it's a two-in-one special: Patti works with Lonnie Moore from the Dolce Group, and we bet several DG properties get some screen time. (Drinking game rules: "Down a shot every time you see a Dolce restaurant!") Here's a taste: The two meet at Geisha House where Moore describes his dream girl ("18 to 22," "big fake gazongas," "hot," "not ready to get a ring on her finger"). Isn't that pretty much the clientele at Les Deux? The ep airs on Tuesday, February 5, 10pm.
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