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To Tengu or Not to Tengu

A perfect example of why the restaurant world is completely off its rocker sometimes: The second outpost of Tengu, which took over the Ivy at the Shore space last January, is no longer called Tengu and no longer owned/managed by Choice Hospitality Group. According to the Metromix blog, it's now called 1541 Ocean (the address), and true, the hostess just answered the phone, "1541 Ocean." Here's where it gets interesting: The GM just told us that the current owner (always involved with the restaurant, but now the sole proprietor) decided within the last 48 hours to keep the Tengu Santa Monica name. The menu is 90% Tengu with some additions, including a ridiculous sushi roll with lobster, seared toro, uni, caviar, black truffles and gold flakes for a whopping $100. There surely some deeper story to this---why Choice isn't involved, how can it be called Tengu if not involved with original Westwood one---which we hope to find out soon. Until then, the short-lived 1541 goes, Tengu SM stays. Now someone alert the staff. For what it's worth, Choice still owns Tengu in Westwood, plus Nine Thirty at the W, Nacional and Holly's.
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