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Restaurant Week Fanaticism, Day 5

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Some toss off Restaurant Week like it's burnt toast, some get so excited, they've booked lunches and dinners for a cross-town gorgefest. And still others find it nothing but a cause of stress, especially the Teenage Glutster. We have a soft spot:

"And after this filling meal, on the suffocatingly packed bus ride back home (suffering from post-traumatic scooter disorder), I get a phone call from Grace letting me know that a spot had opened up at 9:00PM..."Can I call you back to find out?" Hmmmm....take advantage, live up to my name (glutton it since I wasn't that hungry)? Finally sample one of the 'best', most talked, written, hyped about places in L.A? Spend all that dough without thinking about the future? Go all the way back to the other side of town again? By myself? Was King Salmon, Quinoa, Artichokes, Lobster Nage really worth it? By the time I almost go insane thinking about it and call back: "Sorry, the table is no longer available."
Oh, bummer. But it's starting to sound like Neal Fraser has the hottest RW table in town. Wait lists? Tables gone within minutes? He really is laughing himself to the bank, isn't he? As for the Glutster, and those like him, we'll have to start a support group for PDLARWD (Post DineLA Restaurant Week Disorder).
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