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EaterWire: Michelia Becoming Creperie by Jack n' Jill's, Café Primo Looking Downtown, RFD Expands

MID-CITY/BEV CTR: A reader stopped in to wish Kimmy Tang well after she closes Michelia and found out the restaurant closes next Friday or Saturday. "She wouldn't say much about what's going in there, just that it was a crepes restaurant and the new buyer was eager to set up shop." That replacement is Creperie by Jack n' Jill's, from the same folks who have Jack n' Jill's in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Yes, yes, there will be sweet, savory and all things crepes at the Creperie. Expected to open early this year. [EaterWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: The West Hollywood gelateria Caffe Primo has its sights set on the Pegasus Apartments building at 6th and Flower, the same building as the Daily Grill. Opening date: "Sometime this year." The café also plans a Koreatown location. [Angelenic]

SANTA MONICA: A tipster sends word that the Real Food Daily on Santa Monica Boulevard "appears to be taking over the space next door (a former really bad Chinese place). Not sure if this means a liquor license or not." And it looks like they're hiring for the expansion, too. [EaterWire Inbox]