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Eater StarWatch: Orlando Bloom at Vivoli and MORE

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It's a new year, a new dawn for all your StarWatch needs. Not a lot of action during the holidays, but we found a few spottings from around town. Do let us know when you spot a star pretending they don't see you watching them pick at their salad.

MOZZA: New Year's Day, 8pm: Giovanni Ribisi spotted holding up the wall at the valet stand. "He was leaning James Dean style against the wall giving everyone a pointy eyebrow look, probably trying to hypnotize us with some kind of Scientology mind trick." [Defamer]

NATE N AL'S: Just in time for political season, Monica Lewinsky was spotted on New Year's Day. "It looks like she's gained back the weight she lost, along with Linda Tripp's weight." Just mean. [Defamer]

VIVOLI CAFÉ: Without pirate gear or elfin arrows---and still so damn hot---Orlando Bloom and some friends were seen at the West Hollywood café. [Planet Hollywood]

EAT WELL: He'll always be Kevin Arnold to us: Fred Savage was spotted eating well at Eat Well on Beverly. No Winnie Cooper to be found. [Planet Gossip]