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EaterWire: Kula Adds Lunch, Tiara Cafe Adds Dinner

Alen Lin, 12/10/07

CENTURY CITY: Today, the newish Japanese restaurant Kula started lunch service. The restaurant opened in the Aphrodisiac space at the end of November, and kinks are getting worked out, the staff's feet are appropriately wet, and the owners, well, they're starting to understand what it is Angelenos want: Prices are about be slashed considerably. Whether it's the writer's strike or just a bad economy, you decide. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN: On the flip side, Fred Eric's lunch-only Tiara Café will start serving dinner this Friday, January 11. Weekends only (Fri-Sun) until Valentine's Day, when it goes to dinner five days a week. Chances are good some special pork dish will be offered. [Angelenic]