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BREAKING: Alain Giraud's Brasserie is Named

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And the name for the new brasserie partnership between Alain Giraud and Mike Garrett and Tommy Stoilkovich (owners of Falcon and Pearl Dragon) is...drum roll, please....ANISETTE. No brasserie, no reference to time or temps given it's location in the Clock Tower building on Santa Monica Boulevard. They wanted something "sexy and feminine," and we very much likey. The group wanted to find a name that could work anywhere since they may take the concept on the road.

And we have more details: The designer is Monte Hollis, a set designer, and the look is classic brasserie with antique mirrors, mosaic tiled floors, and a zinc bar that runs the length of one side of the room; ceilings are super high. Note to anyone who wants to work there: The kitchen is on a second floor, so if a Stairmaster is your idea of a good time, give them a call. Construction is supposedly in its final stages, and it's moving along swiftly. If all goes well, Anisette could debut by the end of February.
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