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What's Up With The Spotlight?

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After we posted a rumor that The Spotlight, one of LA's oldest gay dive bars, was sold in October, a reader---a regular, we're told---emailed to say it simply wasn't true. Another said: "It was rumored to being sold about two years ago. Seller, Don Samuels, actually lives in northern California, and only gets down here from time to time, from what I have heard." With or without confirmation, the rumor did not die. Our friends at Metromix recently heard that not only did the Spotlight sell, but a "demolition party" was scheduled, and if any or all of this is true: "Get ready for an intimate ultra lounge owned and named after someone in the jewelry business." The bar's MySpace page couldn't disagree more: "THE SPOTLIGHT BAR HOLLYWOOD IS OPEN 6AM TO 2AM EVERY FUCKING DAY OF THE YEAR...CHEERS!!!"

Let's get to the bottom of this together, shall we? Those who know something solid, in the comments or the tip jar, please.
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Photo courtesy Metromix