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The Shutter: Brasserie Vert, on Video

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Wolfgang Puck's Vert, a Brasserie quietly closed last month, so those crazy restaurant kids made a loooooong goodbye video and put it on YouTube to amuse each other. You'll have to suffer through a few minutes of "Where Everbody Knows Your Name" to get to the Wolfie impression, plus those of people you probably don't know, but there are moments of humor. If anything, it shows that resto employees really are a breed apart. (Regarding the hostess impression: might be one reason why Vert wasn't thronged with customers.) We're yet to hear details on why Vert closed, and all remnants of its existence have been wiped clean from the Puck and Hollywood & Highland websites. Moving in: An outpost of Nolan Bushnell's uWink.
· Brasserie Vert [YouTube]