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EaterWire: MLB Hot Dog Playoffs at Rush Street, Stroh's and Whaler Updates

CULVER CITY: Rush Street—you know, as in Rush Street in Chicago--will of course have the playoffs on, plus Dodger Dog vs. Chicago Dog deals all week, or at least until the Dodgers kick the Cubbies butts in the playoffs (one down!). Get the dogs and a beer (Blue Moon draft for LA, PBR tall boy can for Chicago) for $10 during the games. [Eater Inbox]

VENICE: Now that we know what's replacing Stroh's Gourmet on Abbot Kinney, some goss about what Jason Stroh might be doing next: "Word around the AK Festival (pre-shooting) was that Jason will do breakfast at the Glencrest BBQ place (also on Abbot Kinney), which is open afternoons and evenings. The other guy will become partners and Jason will open in the morning while Glencrest pushes back their opening hours a bit so that both can fit. Should be happening in the next few weeks." This is all unconfirmed, but those of you looking for the breakfast burrito should keep an eye out. [Eater Inbox]

VENICE: We still don't know the exact plans for The Whaler in Venice now that it's under new ownership, but we do know that RGA Studios has been tapped to design the new look, whatever it may be. RGA also did Ago, Josie, Bar Pintxo, and Gus's in South Pasadena. Sounds like more than just some new furniture? [EaterWire]