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The Shutter: No More Cupcakes For Leda's

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Sad news from the cupcake front: Leda's Bake Shop in Sherman Oaks will be closing after October 18 so owner Ledette Gambini can "re-think" her bakery. When she reopens in the New Year, no more cupcakes, which is a shame because these, hands down, were some of our favorite cupcakes in the area because of the little dash of "filling" swiped between the cake and frosting. Carrot cake with blood orange cream comes to mind, or the peanut-butter chocolate. Dainty, compact and absolutely delicious, Leda's put so many others to shame. Hopefully she'll still do cakes.
· Leda’s cupcakes — going? going? Oct 18th, 2008 [lafoodblogging]