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Innovative Dining Group Going French at W Hollywood Hotel & Residences

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This is something we literally heard walking down Hollywood Boulevard not too long ago: Innovative Dining Group, the folks behind Sushi Roku, Katana, Luckyfish and the Boa Steakhouses, have a French brasserie planned for the new W Hotel that anchors Hollywood and Vine. Per the official flackage, the 6,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor restaurant "will evoke the atmosphere of a brasserie in the South of France, blending vibrant colors, classic archways, and an open-air feel, inspired by the Cote de Azur," designed by zeffdesign. Expect "classic and modern French cuisine," a raw bar, wines, cocktails, the works. These early releases aren't naming names yet---restaurant, chef---but we'll have it soon. The hotel and restaurant aren't slated to open until Fall 2009. The French invasion is starting to get a little thick, but thank god it's not another trendy Asian place.