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The Shutter: 750ml Closed, Pizza Next For Arroyo

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SOUTH PASADENA: When Steven Arroyo decides that one of his concepts isn't working, he changes it. Case in point: Happi Songs Asia Tavern, which he opened next to Rita Flora on La Brea became the short-lived Goat, and now it's another Cobras. So the Frenchy bistro 750ml, which we thought was getting some new life at the hands of chef Kris Morningstar, is now shuttered, and Arroyo plans to open a pizzeria there. He said that 750 became a training ground for Church & State, and now that it's open at the Biscuit Lofts, 750 kind of lost its luster. Expect wood-fired pizzas, salads, etc.; target date to reopen is before November 15.
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