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Ferran Adria Has Landed

2008_10_ferranadria.jpg After hitting up NWFF this weekend, Ferran Adria---the man, the legend, the Spanish chef responsible for all the foams and "pearls" on our plates these days---is in town this week to promote his new cookbook. Sam Nazarian and Jose Andres will fete Adria at a private soiree tonight, and tomorrow he'll be at the Cook's Library signing copies of the 600-page, 7-pound "A Day At El Bulli." But more importantly: The only real chance you'll get to taste Adria's food (other than trying to make it yourself) is at El Bulli in Spain, which only accepts reservations once a year. And that time is now: Booking lines for 2009 are now open. [ELA; SE]