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Yelp Releases "Snapshot" Feature, Entertainment Ensues

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Perhaps coming to the realization that 507 mostly-nonsensical reviews of Pizzeria Mozza are, in fact, not useful, we hear via Eater SF that Yelp unveiled a shiny new feature to its restaurant listings last week. They call it a "review snapshot" described as three oft-repeated phrases that the "Yelp Robots" have determined are "unique and good, quick ways to describe the business." On one hand, we applaud Yelp for at least trying to solve the (unsolvable?) problem of hundreds of reviews that no one reads anyway. At times, these snapshots do provide some useful info (i.e., signature dishes, reservation policies, etc.).

But then on the other hand, there are still a few kinks to be worked out, and on that note, here are some of the more entertaining semi-useless snapshots. Send in your undiscovered favorites to or just add them in the comments.

Comme Ca: Roasted beef marrow and oxtail jam, marrow, cheese bar
Providence:Tasting menu, wine pairing, 9 course tasting
The Kress: rooftop, club downstairs, lounge area
Water Grill: Red velvet pudding, big eye tuna, John Park
Melisse: Cart blanche menu, tasting menu, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

8 oz: Govind Armstrong, fried olives, heirloom tomato ketchup
Craft: Amuse bouche, pork belly, black pepper ice cream
BLT Steak: ordered the American Wagyu, popovers, pate
Spago: Tasting menu, cotes du beouf, Wolfgang Puck
AOC: bacon wrapped dates, small plates, roasted dates

And in case you were wondering how creative Yelp reviews tend to be:
Urasawa: Foie gras shabu shabu, Hiro, toro
Ortolan: Foie gras, tasting menu, Christophe Eme
Patina: Walt Disney concert hall, chef's menu, foie gras
Animal: Foie gras, bacon chocolate bar, petite basque
STK: French toast foie gas, Parmesan truffle fries, sweet corn pudding
· Yelp Rolls Out Snapshot Feature, Entertainment Ensues [~ESF~]