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Presidential Scoops

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2008_10_scoopssmall.jpg Nothing like sweet, sweet ice cream to cool the heated political waters. Now until October 25, Scoop's Tai Kim encourages you, the ice cream-eating constituency, to create flavor combinations inspired by this year's presidential election and either write them on the board at the shop or at Flavors for Change. Some suggestions already in the mix: "Lipstick on Pig," Red Hots mixed into strawberry ice cream; "Pork and Prunes," for McCain (natch); or "Yes We Candy Bar Crunch." The best of the flavor pool will be served from October 27-31, with 20 percent of the proceeds to go to the Obama Victory Fund (in case you were wondering which way Tai's gelato leans). So what would Troopergate taste like? [789/Metromix; photo]