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Week in Reviews: No Miss Irene Today, But Beachcomber, Local, Palihouse, Church & State and More ELSEWHERE

So we know the cutbacks at the Los Angeles Times are rough these days, and the Food section was only six pages last week, but no review from S. Irene Virbila again today? Odd. There is a fun list of bars with good parking (which also happen to have food, which is why it's in the Food section, we think), and a Susan La Tempa "Find," but no full review from Miss Irene. No stars. On then to the ELSEWHERE:

It doesn't have to be summer to check out the Beachcomber on the Malibu Pier; Silver Lake's Local will try to be as green as possible; Angelenic checks in with Gram & Papa's downtown; and the Downtown News goes to Church & State; finds 8 oz exactly what it says it is (burger bar); LAist hits dim sum at Sea Harbor and tries the new fall menu at The Hall at Palihouse; Man Bites World is on Day 41: Burmese food at Golden Triangle; Potatomato thinks there may be a maid shortage at Royal/T Cafe.