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AIA/LA Restaurant Design Winners: Blue Velvet For the Judges, Osteria Mozza For the People

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As we speak, the winners of the AIA/LA Restaurant Design Awards are being announced at a shindig in the Pacific Design Center, but we happen to have the results right here. This is the fourth year the American Institute of Architects (Los Angeles chapter) have recognized the best in restaurant, cafe/bar and lounge/nightclub design, and there were more than 40 submissions with six winners (two for each category): Those decided by the esteemed judges (Joachim Splichal, Los Angeles magazine's Margot Dougherty, architect David Montalba, and designer Michael Hodgson), and the People's Choice. This isn't purely aesthetic---evaluations were based on design concept, operational layout and overall packaging---but it's kind of just another beauty contest. Last year the lone oddball winner was a Hollywood lounge that wasn't even open; this year it's an airport lounge. Check out the full list of nominees. The winners, after the jump.

(*UPDATE: three more winners were added at the ceremony)

Blue Velvet by Tag Front
*Katsuya Glendale by Starck Network/DesignARC
*Osteria Mozza by Kelly Architects, Inc. (designed by Lisa Eaton)

LA MILL by Formation Association/Rubbish Interiors
*FOOD by Fleetwood Fernandez Architecture added

Club/Lounge: Elevate Lounge by Tag Front

Restaurant: Osteria Mozza by Kelly Architects, Inc. (designed by Lisa Eaton)
Cafe/Bar: Kitchen 24 by Spacecraft/Torres Architects
Club/Lounge: One World Lounge at LAX by Gensler
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