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Eater Inside: Shin Korean BBQ

Shin is just one of many new non-Koreatown Korean restaurants, this one open for only a few weeks smack dab in the heart of Hollywood. When the first press materials came out, it was all about chef/owner Simon Shin, whose family owns Koreatown's Shin Chon Restaurant, E Moon Oak and Beverly Soon Tofu. But when it was time for the grand opening---earlier this week---the truth came out that several celebs back the venture, some of the same ones who have dollars in some of the Dolce restaurants (the Masterson brothers, Laura Prepon, Julian Casablancas from The Strokes). Basically: Don't expect too much tradition. The menu features classic staples (grill-your-own shrimp, marinated steak, short ribs, housemade kimchi and dipping sauces), veggies, tofu, and a slightly modern (read: Americanized) twist, and there's a full bar with just as much fruit-infused shoju as Crown Royal.