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Fall Tracking: Table 8

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With so many new restaurants readying for fall debuts, we're here to keep you updated on the important projects and when it's time to make those ressies.

Initial Projection: Late summer 2008
Current Projection: Early 2009

While Eater NY checks in with the new Table 8 progress in the Big Apple, we have a brief update about the Table 8 that was slated to open here (in the former Chocolat space on Melrose) this fall: It's not happening until early 2009. The crappy economy is partly to blame---we confirmed rumors that a couple of investors pulled out, but the deal is not killed---but also so they can "focus on New York." Eschewing the purple-black lounge look, the plan is to go back to a quintessentially more Californian look with simple, clean design, something more palatable with Govind Armstrong's menus, with a huge patio to boot.
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