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EaterWire: Craft Gets Loungey, Another New Sandwich Option, What's Up With Lot 1 and Centeno?

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CENTURY CITY: It's not the Tom Dinners, but it's something: Craft has a new menu for those who don't want to commit time and dollars to a full dinner. Fancy snacks like sausage-stuffed sage leaves, fried olives, pizettes with Spanish chorizo, eggplant and Idiazabel cheese, oysters on the half shell, root beer floats, all hovering around $10-$12. Served nightly in the cabana area or indoor lounge. [Eater Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: Now that Andrew Steiner has a few weeks under his belt at his new cheese shop on Montana Avenue, he's starting to add to the offerings: First up, "really good sandwiches." Things like the Italiana with mortadella, black forest ham, salami, and farmhouse cheddar on Hazelnut bread or a proscuitto sandwich with pear, shaved asparagus, and St. Agur blue cheese. [Digest]

LAWSUITS: Completely unconfirmed but interesting nonetheless: "Lot 1 Cafe & Josef Centero reached a settlement agreement. I overheard Eileen Leslie (the owner) and her attorney at Lot 1 Cafe (with documents on the table)." Please recall that Leslie slapped Centeno with a lawsuit when he left Lot 1 breaking their "oral contract." [Eater Inbox]

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