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Debate Watchers Need Places to Watch, Eat, Drink

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While working in Westwood four years ago, we didn't to fight rush hour traffic but needed a martini, a snack, and a place to watch the Bush/Kerry debates and the Yankees/Red Sox playoffs. Surprisingly one place covered it all: Napa Valley Grille. Turned out to be a great night. Now, here we are again with the highly anticipated Palin/Biden debate plus a Dodgers' playoff game tonight. What's a person who wants to eat, drink, check scores and yell lipsticked pitbull obscenities at the TV (in public) to do? One reader went to the wrong place for help:

"Those Nazis over at Chowhound are at it again. I posted earlier asking if there were any restaurants/bars showing the debate tonight. I got a half-dozen helpful responses. When I went to check to see if any more had replied, the post had been deleted. WTF? I think it’s totally relevant, considering I am looking for a restaurant or bar with FOOD that will be a good gathering place to watch the debate."
Eater readers, let's help a sister out. We know Social Hollywood has something going on, the folks at Delancey and the Bowery in Hollywood (always a fave) will have the debates on (with sound), and NVG might not have the volume turned up, but at least close captioned. Who else? Let 'em rip in comments.