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Getting Skunked

2008_10_stinker.jpg When we first heard about Bobby Green's (Bigfoot Lodge, Saints & Sinners) new Silver Lake bar Stinkers, we knew it would honor Smokey and the Bandit and PBR, but The Guide reports that there will be "nearly 5,000 vintage aluminum beer cans" and a 1978 Trans Am hood adorning the walls, posters of Burt Reynolds, and, oh yes, the skunks: "Green has the stuffed, backward-faced skunks rigged so that when a bartender pulls a cord, steam will come out of their respective backsides. No word yet on if they have figured out how to make the steam (which is actually liquid CO2) smell anything like real skunk spray, but we are guessing that the effect should sufficiently get the point across without scaring off bargoers." Stinkers should open in early November. [ELA; LAT]