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Hollywood Pizzeria Goes For World Record, Delivering 2916-Square-Inch Pizzas

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If you can't get on the best pizza lists, what do you do? Deliver a 2916-square inch pizza for $199.99 as Big Mama's & Papa's Pizza does. We just talked to someone over at the pizzeria who said they're going for the largest pizza ever made record, and it feeds 50 to 70 people. If you want a piece of this action you have to order 24-hours in advance, and because it's delivered in a wooden box, you must have the right size door and space (if it's going inside). We suggest eating it in the driveway. Note the extra toppings charge: $14.99 for each additional, and $29.99 for extra cheese. They also have 36-inch pizzas and you can "order as many of those as you want." Big Mama's & Papa's is a California chain, and this Hollywood location just opened about six months ago.
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