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Feniger's Street: Construction, Kale Wraps and Hobos

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Although it's still months away, Susan Feniger had a little apron-painting party and mini-menu tasting in the rubble-filled parking lot at Street yesterday. Former Project Runway contestant Elisa Jimenez---the designer who spit to mark her fabrics---spray painted hobo and other symbols on organic cotton aprons, explaining that it's all about mysticism, good energy, sparking dialogue. This is Feniger's solo effort (meaning: no Border Grill/Ciudad/Other Hot Tamale Mary Sue Milliken), so she and her chef de cuisine served a samples of Street's menu (which is still being tweaked), things like kale leaves filled with tamarind jam, peanuts, coconut flakes and lime, or spiced potato flatbreads topped with yogurt and chutney. Inside, the former Dive space is gutted to the bones and mostly dirt and gravel right now, but plans include a small mezzanine, a patio with fire pits, lots of windows and views into the kitchen. After gritting her teeth over how difficult it is to open a restaurant these days, Feniger says February 2009 is the new target date for the debut.
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Susan Feniger's STREET

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