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Plywood Report: Fio Restaurant, Guy’s, Urth Caffe Barker Block, My Bar

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Another rousing rendition of the Plywood Report where we track any and all newcomers to the dining and drinking scene. See something we missed? Drop it here.

MID-CITY: The (possibly) French Provencal restaurant taking over the corner of Spaulding and Beverly is called Fio, according to the permit hanging on the building. We'll take any news on Fio in the tip jar, please. [PLYWOOD]

DOWNTOWN: We heard the new $6 million, 14,000-square-foot Urth Caffe at the Kor-owned Barker Block would open "in one to two weeks," but according Urth HQ, it will probably open on Monday (10/27). In case you missed it, there was a huge profile on Shallom and Jilla Berkman, the couple behind the Urth Caffe minichain, in LA Mag last month. [POST-PLYWOOD; previously]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Guy Starkman's new Guy's project seems to be moving along on Beverly Boulevard. Last we checked, the nightclub next to Dominick's was just a shell of what looked like a completely new building. Now there's an actual structure, per the reader-submitted snap above. We hear from Built Inc. (who's doing the design) that the place will be "sexy, dark, silvers, golds, browns," and that tentative opening is slated for early November. [PLYWOOD]

SANTA MONICA: A reader tips us off: "The old Shane's on Main Street is under construction and is slated to be called My Bar. They are hoping to be open soon, whatever that means especially in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica and their draconian approval and permit system. Apparently they supposed to have a sort-of Indian tapas kind of menu." We don't have much more to go on right now. [PLYWOOD]