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The Critics on Michelin

LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold had his say about last year's Michelin guide, and here's what he has to say this year (via email): "The roster of the few Asian (and token Mexican) places they added smacks less of sincere exploration than it does like a list of Chowhound consensus favorites. (I have no idea how else they chose Sushi Zo or Triumphal Palace over dozens of their betters, but at least nobody is going to run screaming from the restaurants.) I do approve of the second star they gave Providence. Osteria Mozza clearly deserves its star, if not a second one. Hatfield fits precisely the definition of a one-star restaurant. Vincenti, Campanile and La Terza are still mysteriously starless, but Michelin has always been clueless about Italian cooking. Unless you happen to be a French business traveler terrified of the teeming masses outside your hotel, I see no reason to pay attention to the guide at all." Miss Irene calls LA's stars "stingy."[Eater Inbox; Daily Dish]