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More LA Chefs in Vegas

We just eyed the list of chefs coming to Vegas to celebrate their Michelin stars tonight, and there will be more Angelenos than previously expected: In addition to Providence's (and newly two-starred) Michael Cimarusti, word is Josiah Citrin (Melisse), Christophe Eme (Ortolan), David LeFevre (Water Grill), Luigi Fineo (La Botte), Tetsuya Nakao (Asanebo) and Morihiro Onodera (Mori Sushi) will be in the house. Perhaps some some of LA's expats (Ludovic Lefebvre, Jet Tila, Theo Schoenegger, Eric Klein) will come to toast their friends. There aren't many New York chefs, but lots from San Francisco (Doug Keane, David Kinch, Richard Reddington among others). For those keeping track: No cocktailing yet, but we demolished a lovely gratis charcuterie plate. [~ELA~]