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Feeling the Pinch

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We hear about it at least five times a day now: Restaurants across the country are dealing with the brutal econcomic downturn. Here in Los Angeles, restaurant owners across the board say business is down at least 10 percent and adjustments are being made. BLD started taking reservations and edited its menu so diners would order more main courses, not just small plates. “California has been in an economic crisis for some time and it has us doing all we can to keep our heads above water and not panic,” said owner Amy Knoll Fraser. Newly two Michelin-starred Providence sales are down about 20 percent, says co-owner Donato Poto. On the flip side, customer service might be on an upswing: "Everyone is trying much harder to make sure the customers they do have are happy,” said Wes Idol, an owner of Pacific Dining Car. [NYT]


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