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Hangover Observations: Michelin Chef Party in Vegas

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Well we came, we ate, we drank copious amounts of Champagne, and now we're finally filing our Hangover Report from a whirlwind night in Las Vegas. Michelin-starred chefs descended on Sin City yesterday for a poolside soiree at the Wynn resort, most coming from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vegas, a few from New York, and those who have restaurants in any combination of those cities (the Bouluds, the Kellers). Wynn's chefs set up some amazing eats (Bartolotta, Alex, Okada, Wing Lei), the martinis were rolling, and everyone let loose. Some chefs gambled, several danced (oh yes, they danced), others didn't crack a smile. With that, some observations:

1) Fact: Chefs with one Michelin star want two, those with two want three. Rules of nature.

2) If you cover a table with charcuterie and pates and put Daniel Boulud in front of it, chefs will congregate there.

3) Everyone wants to meet Thomas Keller, and everyone wants Bouchon to open in Beverly Hills much earlier than the "late 2009" target date. He says November or December.

4) Three people who were as excited to meet us as we were to meet Keller: Morihiro Ondodera from Mori Sushi, his wife and sister. And again, we're sorry we can't write this thing seven days a week, Mori.

5) Who knew Hubert Keller (Fleur de Lys SF and Vegas) could cut a rug? The man boogied on the Blush dance floor like no one's business. At least three people walked by saying, "Apparently he's a DJ." Yes, apparently.

6) Overheard: "Should we eat at your place?" -- Keller and wife to Boulud.

7) Some chefs/restaurateurs are chatty cathys, others are cold and aloof and take themselves way too seriously. You know who you are.

8) The gamblers: David LeFevre, Donato Poto and Michael Cimarusti spotted at the blackjack tables.

9) Confirmed: Boulud loves the ladies. That's all we'll say about that.