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EaterWire: Scoops Ice Cream Social Tonight, Weeneez Bargain Breakfast, Julie and Julia Delayed

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EAST HOLLYWOOD: People made their presidential flavor suggestions, Tai Kim whipped them up, and tonight he kicks things off with the "Flavors of Change" Ice Cream Social from 7pm to 10pm at Scoops. The most popular flavor combinations (taken from customer suggestions) will be served all week with proceeds going to the Obama Victory Fund. (712 N Heliotrope Dr) [EaterWire; photo]

DOWNTOWN: Weeneez on Spring Street is trying to ease the economic pain of many with a good hearty breakfast for $2.99 (Mon-Sat). Not a bad deal for (two eggs, sasage, turkey patties or bacon, toast or an English muffin, and there's LA Mill coffee. Denny's can suck it. [Agelenic]

MOVIES: Julie and Julia, the film directed by Nora Ephron and starring Meryl Streep as Julia Child is "finished and wonderful," according to Liz Smith. However, the powers that be are reportedly delaying the film until after Oscar season so it doesn't compete against Streep's other film, Doubt: "Meryl as Julia Childs has had to go back into the kitchen and wait for August 2009 to reveal her wonders." [NYP via Eater NY]