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The FO Burger

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To many Angelenos, the Father's Office burger is one of the best in town. To a New Yorker, it's not a burger at all: "I often make the case that a burger should be better than the sum of its parts, but the Office Burger reverses the equation, taking ingredients that could make a gourmet meal and combining them into something that is muddled and schizophrenic...I cannot deny that I consider getting another Office Burger to go, but that is the steak lover in me—not the hamburger lover—doing the talking. While what Father's Office serves may be delicious (with a little customization) and indeed luxurious, it is most assuredly not a hamburger: It is a haute cuisine submarine." [AHT]

Father's Office

1018 Montana Avenue, , CA 90403 (310) 736-2224 Visit Website