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EaterWire: Pizzeria Mozza Pick-Up Window, Mark Peel Update, BYO at Michelangelo's, MORE

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MOZZALAND: A reader sends word: "Snagged bar seats at Pizzeria Mozza on Sunday night and a regular there asked the bartender to confirm a rumor he'd heard: a Mozza Take Out window. The bartender said that it was being talked about, and he mentioned the location: around MelroseMac." This, friends, is completely confirmed: A Mozza retail space will be going into the former Mac store next to the Osteria on Melrose. We don't have a timeline yet, but they will be "breaking ground soon." [EaterWire]

MID-CITY: An Eater operative was at Campanile recently and asked GM Jay Perrin about his and Mark Peel's new speakeasy/resto in the former Oasis space: Architect George Kelly, who did the Mozza space, was hired and work has finally begun. Fair since they're not really expecting to debut until summer 2009.[EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE: On BYOing at the newish Michelangelo: "After you sit down, the hostess tells you that they've yet to secure liquor license so it's BYOB. Of course this is a bit maddening since you're already there, wine-less and beer-less, and have to run out and get some or do without. A few customers just walk out, never to return. But one of the owners told us that the reason why they cannot tell people beforehand (like, when they call to make a res) is because they can't really advertise it. They do, however, offer to take your order before you run out to grab wine (and the valets will not double-charge you when you return) so that by the time you return, you'll have your meal ready for your wine." Or, now that you read this, know you need to take your own. [Eater Inbox]

LAWSUITS: A woman who says she got permanent nerve damage from eating tainted sushi at Dana Point's Salt Creek Grill in 2005 was awarded $3.2 million. The original court decision was overturned in 2006, but court records made public on Monday show that it was upheld. [SF Gate]

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