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EaterWire: Zen Sushi's New Owner, Talesai Headhunting, Vote by Cocktail at Blue on Blue

LOS FELIZ: We don't have full details on this yet, but rumor is Anat Escher, the owner of Bungalow Club on Melrose, is behind the gutting of Zen Sushi on Hyperion. We hear she plans on calling the place Barbarella (or perhaps Bar Barella), a "stylish, casual restaurant and lounge." At least it's not sticky, underage, and bad sushi. [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Some headhunting and news in one: Talesai closed in August and plans to reopen in November with a new look and menu, but they're looking for a sous chef and kitchen crew to help roll all this out. [EaterWire]

BEV HILLS: A different week, a different gimmick at Blue on Blue at the Avalon. Now we have "Drink the Vote," cocktails fashioned after your political party of choice, available now until the election. They actually plan on tallying up how many Obamaritas and McCainaides sell to "declare a winner." Special prices ($8) avail Mon-Fri from 3pm-6pm. [Eater Inbox]