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Studio City's Sapphire Goes Gastropub

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We knew Will Shamlian (co-owner of Library Bar, 4100 Bar, Chalet) had plans to replace Sapphire with something more tavern-esque in Studio City, and it looks like things are almost complete. From a reader:

"Stopped by the old Sapphire on Ventura in Studio City and what I thought was going to be called Meeting House Pub is going to be called Laurel Tavern. Looked inside. Looks nice, bar is done, beer tap handles are on. Spoke to someone - not sure who he was - he said that they are looking to open this Monday. Hopefully, they'll have the new food menu from Library Bar. Finally, something that doesn't look cheesy and has decent beer. Nice open space with windows that open to the street. Communal table in the center with bar stools. The wall treatment is the only thing that looks a little dicey.
The name is indeed Laurel Tavern and the doors were wide open this afternoon, but Monday might be a bit ambitious, says our source. Next week sometime is the target date.