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The Starwatch: Bono at Mozza Again, Dunst at Delancey, Ellen at Cafe Med, Orlando Bloom at The Brig, MORE

You see eating them but they don't care if they see you: Got a restaurant sighting for the StarWatch? Drop it in the tip jar or hit us up on Twitter.

2008_10_osteriasm.jpg OSTERIA MOZZA: Last week Bono was at the Pizzeria, this week (Sun, 10/26), a few people spotted him having dinner at Osteria. [Starwatch Inbox]

DELANCEY: On Monday (10/27), a very blonde Kirsten Dunst stared longingly at our pasta while chatting amicably with the bartender. Maybe she was hungry, maybe she was trying to figure out why we were verbally deconstructing the butternut squash ravioli. [Starwatch]

JOAN'S ON THIRD: Sharon Stone and a friend had breakfast sandwiches and scones on Tuesday (10/28). "no make up but looked pretty." On Friday (10/24), Anne Hathaway and two friends had a casual lunch on the patio. [Starwatch Inbox]

JOE'S: Sometime last week: Hilary Swank was spotted dining on the patio, and Donald Sutherland was in the dining room of the Abbot Kinney resto. [Starwatch Inbox]

THE BRIG: Hunky Orlando Bloom was spotted well past midnight at the Abbot Kinney bar's gay night (Wednesdays). "He was smiling, laughing and talking with his buddy." [People]

NOBU LA: Hitting the La Cienega location last Saturday (10/15): Nicky Hilton hanging mellow with some friends, and nearby "DJ Tiesto partying with a group of girls, doing shots and working the room." [Starwatch Inbox]

CAFE MED: A tipster text on Friday (10/24): 6:25 pm "Ellen Degeneres on the patio." [Starwatch Inbox]

CHATEAU MARMONT: Patio sightings from a tipster: "Friday night (10/24): Nicole Ritchie and her babydaddy, Joel Madden, dining on the patio with another couple and a guy. Nicole actually looked good (she's still thin, but not anorexic). Also on the patio was David Schwimmer, dining with a group of guys including Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)." [Starwatch Inbox]

COMME CA: It's kind of loud place to take a meeting, but Natalie Portman dined with eight people, "definitely talking business." Same night, different table: Courtney Love was showing clothing samples in between sips of soup. [People]