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The Shutter: The Stork, Another Hamlet, The Farm in Topanga, More Closings

HOLLYWOOD: The Stork was one of the places that we didn't quite understand---it opened quietly but publicly in July, but when a Friend of Eater tried to get a dinner reservation shortly after, she was told it was by invitation only. What? Big nightlife names and Steven Arroyo were attached to the project (some of Arroyo's people were in the kitchen overseeing the brasserie-esque menu)---it sounded more like just another "exclusive" club masquerading as a partial restaurant because the liquor license required it to do so. Well whatever it was or wanted to be, Stork is already closed and getting reworked by Amanda Scheer Demme, she of the early Teddy's days at the Roosevelt Hotel. Tentative name is H-Wood, and it may open by the end of the year. [Daily Dish]

WEST LA: A reader tips us off that The Hamlet on Sepulveda near National closed on Monday. Of course, several Hamlets (they dropped the Hamburger a few years ago) have closed: One of the oldest on Hollywood Boulevard in January 2007, and the Brentwood location in February 2008 (now home to GoinStyne). We're told that even after a renovation and attempts to draw in business, it just wasn't getting the customers. [Eater Inbox]

TARZANA/ENCINO: This may have been for awhile, but Charlie G's Steakhouse on Ventura is closed, as is Quincey's BBQ. [Eater Inbox]

TOPANGA: The Farm of Beverly Hills wasn't cutting it in the Valley; the Topanga Plaza location is now closed, probably to refocuse all their effort on the one coming to L.A. Live. [Eater Inbox]