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The Bazaar's Secret Room: The Saam

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Speaking of SBE: We haven't seen the article about the SLS Hotel in the November issue of Food Arts, but a reader passed along this little nugget about a super secret private dining room planned for The Bazaar, as described by Arash Azarbarzin, President of SBE's hotel group:

“It’s our private dining room, a 40 seat restaurant called Sam. Our object is to create a world class restaurant, as good as anything anywhere, right in the middle of The Bazaar. The concept is that the menu pays tribute to the great chefs of history, the great chefs of the world. Every week, there’ll be a prix-fixe menu of dishes by Escoffier, Julia Child, Ferran Adria, all prepared with the Jose Andres touch. We expect diners will have to make reservations six months or more in advance. There’ll be no sign. It’s hidden, a secret; even the entrance is in the back. It’s our secret world in the middle of The Bazaar, a space for the essence of gastronomy, a very serious room.”
The Freudian slip being, of course, the name: It's not unimaginable that Sam Nazarian would want to name a private dining room of such greatness after himself, but it was just a typo. It's Saam, not Sam. The Bazaar opens on November 10, but Saam's debut is still TBD.
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