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Foxtail Bartender Not Skinny Enough, Suing SBE

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When a commenter on our recent XIV post said SBE is "getting their pants sued off them right now," they must have meant this: Foxtail bartender Virginia Tzortzos is suing SBE for allegedly being told to lose weight. She says she's a size 5/6. "Every time I went in for a shift, I was reminded that losing five pounds seemed to matter more than my job performance," Tzortzos told ABC7. She was hired as a bartender in January but says earlier this month Foxtail management "relegated her to kitchen work and would not let her work in public until she lost five to six pounds."

On her side: Bulldog attorney Gloria Allred, who said, "The men bartenders are not required to lose weight, just the women...No woman should have to fit a gender stereotype of what a woman should look like." (Except in Hollywood, where it's politely and passive aggressively suggested.) See what happens when a resto-lounge goes to all nightclub-lounge? No comment from SBE yet.
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