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Tiki Times

The WSJ dedicates more than 2,000 words to the tiki bar phenomenon, mostly centered around San Francisco with with a few shout outs to locals like Tiki Ti. But with a new Trader Vic's planned for L.A. Live next year, these rules for good and bad tiki are more relevant than ever: "Anything sleek and postmodern -- say, a steel-and-glass totem -- is bad tiki. Anything you can find in the luau section of your local party store -- think cheap plastic leis and cardboard cutout hula girls -- is bad tiki. I'm also of the opinion that "camp" makes for bad tiki. Ours is an irony-soaked culture, and camp is just a gaudy variety of the old, knowing wink-and-a-nod. Campy tiki provides no escape at all." [WSJ via Eater SF]