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Philippe's 100: French Dips For 10 Cents Today

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In case you haven't heard, Philippe's celebrates 100 years today with 10-cent French dip sandwiches, five-cent coffee, Mayor Villagairosa, the USC marching band and probably hundreds and hundreds of people who will actually line up for the one sandwich they can get. Steve Harvey has another rendition of how the sandwich came to be, according to Philippe Guilhem of Alva, Okla., grandson of founder Philippe "Frenchy" Mathieu:

"One day a fireman complained that his roll was stale. It was probably a Monday and the roll was a leftover from the weekend. My grandfather was a thrifty person. He said, 'Give me the damn thing back.' He dipped it in the juices and said, 'You happy now?'...I'm sure the guy had already bitten into it when my grandfather grabbed it and dipped it in the juice. Real sanitary. But that was S.O.P. [standard operating procedure] back then."
And to think, they just got rid of the SOP mustard pots this year. The party starts at 4pm and goes until 8pm. Plan accordingly.
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