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$15 Steak Specials, Handwritten "Closed" Signage: Charcoal Might Be Down For the Count

HOLLYWOOD: Just last weekend we noted a huge banner across the front of Charcoal announcing specials for football season, which seemed odd because it never came off like a sports bar. Then there was sidewalk signage for a $15 steak dinner, which adds to the myriad happy hour specials already on offer. For a restaurant next to the Arclight theaters and across the street from Amoeba, it's a little shocking that Chracoal needed to drum up business so; but it did. When business lagged earlier this year, owner Adolfo Suaya announced that he was going to turn it into a Gaucho Grill, and then he renegged a couple months later, possibly because business "picked up." Now we get this from a tipster: "We went to Charcoal on Sunset and Ivar but there was a scribbled sign on the door saying we’re closed. Tried calling but here is no answer. Is it closed for good?" Still no answer on the phone and the website is down---signs point to a shutter for now. And it sounded somewhat promising when it opened last year. UPDATE: Word is it's officially closed.
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