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Esquire Picks Palate as One of Year's Best

John Mariani makes his Best Restaurants picks in the November issue of Esquire, and while we don't have a copy in our hand yet, there is one LA winner: Palate Food + Wine. As all of our local critics and most diners already know, Mariani says that "in a year when it was hard to stifle a yawn over the new restaurants in LA, Palate makes Glendale worth the trip...hits every point of hospitality." And those of us who live close to Palate--there are actually a lot of us, Mariani--even better. It's worth noting that he also picks Dominique Crenn of San Francisco's Luce as "Chef of the Year," the same Dominique Crenn who Mariani called a 'chef to watch' in 2007, but who got a half star when Abode opened in 2007.
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