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Name Games: Get a Little More Creative, Please

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It says Allora behind those fronds, trust us

As pointed out by a few readers and Metromix, there are far too many restaurants and bars with the same or similar name these days. Why make this so difficult, people? There are gazillions of words out there, not to mention the pazillions more you can just make up (see, we just did). Soon the city will be rife with more Wolfgang vs. Wolfgang showdowns. To wit:

1) Via Alloro in Beverly Hills; and Allora on 3rd Street
2) Dakota at the Roosevelt Hotel; and Dakota Lounge in the former Temple Bar
3) Parq in the new Montage Beverly Hills; and Parc on Hollywood Boulevard
4) Ecco on Cahuenga; and The Echo in Echo Park
5) South in Santa Monica; and WeHo's forthcoming South on Sunset

Missing something? We'll take those in the comments.

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