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Zen Sushi Becoming Barbarella Bar, May the Durand Durand Jokes Commence

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Zen Sushi getting torn up (ELA); Barbarella Bar in the beige (Eating L.A)

SILVER LAKE: We told you that Bungalow Club owner Anat Escher had her hands on the former Zen Sushi space on Hyperion, which we saw being gutted a couple months ago, and new details are finally trickling in. Talking to her assistant, we learn the name is Barbarella Bar---"like the movie"---a high-end restaurant, bar and lounge. So far menu details aren't nailed down, but from this Craigslist ad we see there will be 25 beers on tap, and they're looking for a chef who can do "organic rustic mediterranean food." (Make sure to have that culinary degree handy, because you'll be tested.) Never a fan of its predecessor, Eating L.A. asks: "Nobody will miss the smelly sushi and sidewalks full of slouching teens waiting to get into Zen, but will Barbarella class up the neighborhood?" If by "classy" she means Excessive Machines, dream chambers, and hookahs dispensing Essence of Man (one could only wish), sure. They're shooting for a December/January opening.
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