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Quickie Update: Spitfire Saloon

PASADENA: Zipping through Old Town the other day, we noticed the doors to the Smith Brothers' new Spitfire Saloon were wide open. After a quick peek and sidewalk snap: Looks like some minor detail work still happening, woodwork all covered up, people were present. Hiring is well underway so training must be afoot. This is a new concept from the group behind Pasadena mainstays Parkway Grill, Arroyo Chophouse, Smitty's and Crocodile Cafe (which will become a French brasserie probably next year), plus Vibrato up on Beverly Glen. A staffer told us Spitfire, an upscale barbecue/comfort food spot, is "about two weeks" from opening; of course, just in time for holiday shopping to commence. Hopefully it fares better than Dena House, which always looks empty, across the street.
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