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Where Locals Eat If They Were Tourists

2008_11_wtle.jpg Another day, another guide: Where the Locals Eat, guidebook, website and iPhone app, lists the "Top 100" restaurants in LA based on "the opinions and extensive research of certified foodies...who revel in the hunt, as they trek tirelessly across town for hidden gems and little-known neighborhood legends." The Best of categories pinpoint the most obvious choices, which would surprise us if compiled by actual locals: Village Idiot for best gastropub, Casa Bianca for pizza, Tommy's for burgers, Yai for Thai food, Pasadena's Yujean Kang's for Chinese, Pink's, of course, for hot dogs. It's like the best of best of Citysearch/Zagat/Michelin/Gayot/'s/Fodor's list. [WTLE]

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